Dallas Indian wedding photographer

September 2, 2020

South Asian Muslim Wedding

As a Dallas Indian wedding photographer, we have seen our share of weddings. Most often times South Asian Muslim weddings have many traditions that last a few days.  They are filled with wedding rituals, ceremonies and many important traditions. In this blog, I would like to answer the questions you may have by visual elements and photographs.

The Nikah Wedding Ceremony

In this paragraph, I am going to describe the wedding ceremony and help answer the question.  Firstly, the question is what is a Nikah?  The Nikah is when the physical marriage contract is signed, and it usually includes and involves the bride and groom, designated witnesses, and an officiant. Often times many close family members and friends are invited.  During the ceremony, the officiant, also will deliver a valuable message and recites parts of the Quran.  In conclusion, the Nikah is also defined as a marriage contract and matrimony.

The Wedding Day

As a Dallas Indian wedding photographer, the getting ready and wedding detail photos are some of my favorite.  The day started out by Reesha getting ready in her bridal suite at The Oaks Event Center in Burleson, Tx.  In the evening, makeup finishing touches were completed by Misha artistry in Dallas Texas.  Misha Artistry serves brides and makeup clients all around Dallas and Texas.  It is very important to seek professional hair and makeup artist to complete your final look.  This will allow you to look perfect for your wedding photos.

The Reception

The wedding reception took place at the Dallas Hilton By Galleria Mall which is the perfect location for large wedding receptions.  They have a beautiful ballroom for events, wedding ceremonies and receptions.  When choosing a Dallas Indian wedding photographer, be sure to look at wedding reception photos as well.  This will help illustrate the wedding setting and give you a better sense of what your wedding reception would look like.  The Dallas Hilton By Galleria Mall is an amazing central location for your wedding reception.  The hotel Dallas Hilton By Galleria Mall provides a staff dedicated to planning your wedding.

And the photographs were taken by Scott Aleman Photography is an award winning Dallas wedding photographer.  I would click here to view more wedding photos taken by our team.  Indian wedding photographer Scott Aleman is located in DFW and travels for weddings.  If you are looking for a Dallas Indian wedding photographer, contact us here now.