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  • Easy availability of a photographer for the complete duration of the wedding. One wedding at a time is the rule.
  • No tight schedules so that every segment and ceremony is captured with ease and grace.
  • The expertise, skill, and experience of a seasoned wedding photographer who specializes in personalizing photoshoots as per your needs.
  • A bouquet of both candid, lively pictures from the wedding and well-planned theme-based photographs from special photoshoots.
  • Highly affordable standard wedding photography package that includes all important services.
  • Freedom to customize a package to make it suitable for your needs.
  • Photography that suits diverse cultures, including Indian and Pakistani weddings along with conventional American weddings.
  • Guidance and advice on selecting the best venue for your wedding for an enthralling experience and momentous pictures.
  • Flexibility for timings, dress code, acceptance of suggestions, and anything else that you need.