Dallas Engagement Photographer

February 19, 2021

As you enter this wonderful time of engagement, there’s a lot to celebrate. You have a ring on your finger to show, plus there’s the thought of spending the rest of your life with your best friend.  Choosing the best Dallas engagement photographer is by far one of your calendar highlights and, for many, the stepping stone for a memorable wedding or elopement.

As you are now engaged, you will most likely want to share some save the date cards and photos with family and friends. So finding an engagement photographer in Dallas should be the next task on your list.

Using an experienced engagement photographer who knows the area will certainly make all the difference. For example, if they know the best venues and locations in all weather scenarios, it saves a lot of time running from one location to another.

Once you have the photos sorted, you may like to celebrate the milestone with your loved ones. This could be in the form of an extravagant dinner or a more casual get-together. Alternatively, you may like to capture the photos on the day of your engagement lunch or dinner. You’ll know what is best for you based on your lifestyle and budget. This was the case for Hunter and Katy, who we covered in a recent engagement session.

As an engagement photographer in Dallas, we get so much joy capturing the emotion of these sessions. Plus, it builds a rapport with couples in preparation for a long wedding day shoot and typically results in a more relaxed wedding shoot.

To help you plan out your engagement session, we will suggest some of the best engagement venues in Dallas. Plus, cover the sort of engagement photos that you should receive in an engagement photography package.

Choosing The Right Photographer

What Is The Photographers Experience Level?

When looking for a photographer to photograph your engagement session, you want to ensure you get someone who is experienced. Dallas hosts many photographers, many of which offer different packages and experiences.

Ultimately, though, you should choose your photographer based on two things: their persona and their ability to take the style of photographs you want to be portrayed in. When engaging with an engagement photographer in Dallas, make sure they have examples (like in this article), as well as a website where you can contact them.

A List Of The Must-Have Engagement Photos

Engagement photography sessions produce many photos. Within each session, we make sure we cover some essential engagement photos. Some of these include:

A Hero Shot

This is the best engagement photo that typically has the couple situated within their environment. For many couples, the location could be an outdoor space at the venue.

A Close Up Photograph

Typically a mid-shot (from the waist up), this engagement photo is perfect for save-the-date cards or invitations. The photo is generally the couple embarrassing each other with a blurred background.

Special Locations

For a growing number of couples, there’s generally a special location that means something to them. As an engagement photographer in Dallas, we ensure these locations are very important to the couple and signify a special moment in their relationship.

The Rings

Capturing the rings is a must for any engagement photography session. This could be showing them off on their hands or as a closeup. The rings help tell the story of a momentous occasion in their lives.

Documentary Style

Life happens in unplanned moments, and as an engagement photographer, it is important to capture these times. Couples love to have fun during photo shoots, so capturing a fleeting smile or candid moment is key to making it into a couples engagement portfolio.

What Engagement Photos Will You Receive?

It’s a good idea to communicate with the photographer beforehand to ensure you get what you are after. Please take a look at their previous shoots and make sure their style of photography suits. Generally speaking, with an engagement photography package, you will get all of the photographs you require; however, if you have a special request or are after a particular photo before the engagement photography session is the time to tell the photographer.

Choosing an Engagement Venue in Dallas

With your wedding day fast approaching, the engagement is a time to test the waters. Think of it as a mini wedding day. As this is the case, choosing the right venue for either your engagement photographs or engagement celebration can be a tough choice. So with this in mind, think about some of the following prerequisites that might help you with your decision making.

What To Look For In a Good Engagement Venue

A good Dallas engagement venue should include an indoor and outdoor environment. If you want your photographs to look their best, natural light is a photographer’s best friend. So, choosing a venue that is open and bright can make all the difference.

Where Is The Engagement Venue Located?

Consider how far away the venue is to travel to. Will you have elderly guests who can get to the location with ease? What about directions? Is the venue signposted, so no one gets lost on the day?

What Is The Venue Capacity

Will it just be the two of you, or do you plan to have family and friends at your engagement celebration? Most venues cater per person, so ensure you send out your invitations early and obtain all the RSVPs. As a general rule, keep in mind life happens, and some people will have to cancel at the last minute. Therefore, chat to your venue host and see what their policy is for a reduced head-count.

Recommended Engagement Venues in Dallas

Dallas Arboretum and Botanical Garden

Located on White Rock Lake’s shores, the Arboretum provides a myriad of natural backdrops and color across its sprawling 66 acres. The Dallas Arboretum and Botanical Garden represent the ultimate outdoor location for a great engagement session. It is a public space, so with that in mind, you have to choose your day carefully, so it isn’t interrupted by on-lookers. If you are unsure of a venue, then this should be only on your list.

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Stone Crest Venue

Dallas is full of rustic charm, and there is no better place than Stone Crest to host your engagement celebration. The venue works perfectly during the day or evening and is a popular choice amongst couples, such as Hunter and Katy, who plan on hosting their wedding at the venue in June.

Marie Gabrielle Restaurant and Gardens

Similar to Stone Crest, Marie Gabrielle Restaurant and Gardens poses a good engagement venue option for couples. Catering for up to 800 guests, the 1.5-acre garden serves as an ideal location for outdoor entertaining. Plus, the backdrop of foliage lends itself to obtain some excellent engagement photos.

The Room On Main

If Downtown Dallas is more your location, then The Room on Main offers an excellent indoor location. For some couples, this presents a better location for the winter seasons. The venue itself is one large room; however, it’s the surrounding location that can present a different viewpoint for an engagement session.

While there are many more engagement venues in Dallas, these are some of our top picks. Before choosing your venue, speak with us as we most likely have photographed at the venue and provide you examples and feedback based on our previous experience.