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Elegance at Hall of Lights Carrollton – Everything You Need to Know

Are you searching for a distinctive Dallas wedding venue that combines modern elegance with flexibility? The Hall of Lights wedding venue distinguishes itself with a generous 5500 sq ft space, meticulously crafted for flexibility. It’s a haven for both opulent celebrations and more personal affairs, boasting state-of-the-art facilities amidst elements of historical charm. Join us as we journey through the architectural marvels, comprehensive amenities, and tailored options that hallmark the Hall of Lights as a premier destination.

Key Takeaways

  • Hall of Lights is a new, luxurious event venue in North Dallas featuring a grand architectural design with both indoor and outdoor spaces including a main reception area, pre-function area, and Plaza of Angels outdoor area, capable of hosting a range of events with a capacity of up to 300 guests.
  • Contemporary gray walls, cool tones blended with architectural elements that help create stunningly authentic and neutral wedding photographs. Ample natural light floods through expansive spaces and large windows, enhancing the ambiance during your wedding reception. The modern bride is complemented by the clean, minimalistic beauty of gray concrete and structures.
  • The venue offers exclusive catering services through Blue Fire Catering with customizable menus to suit diverse tastes and dietary needs, including sustainability-focused hors d’oeuvres featuring locally grown ingredients.
  • This Dallas wedding venue provides a comprehensive suite of amenities and services such as valet parking, payment services for event booking, as well as cutting-edge audio-visual technology to cater to all event needs from weddings to corporate events.

A Luxurious New Wedding Venue in North Dallas

Exterior view of Hall of Lights Carrollton

Nestled in the convenient and accessible area of North Dallas, this venue marks a departure from traditional event spaces. This luxurious venue, characterized by its modern, sophisticated, and industrial design, offers a spacious 5500 sq ft area that can be configured to accommodate one-of-a-kind events and corporate gatherings.

  • Potential clients are welcomed to schedule site visits to fully experience the unique features and design elements that Hall of Lights offers. This enables you to immerse in the vibrant ambiance and witness the venue’s charm firsthand before your event. Next, we will explore the architectural grandeur and the versatile indoor and outdoor spaces in more detail.

Grand Architecture and Design


The venue features a grand replica of a 7th-century Armenian church, called St. Sarkis serving as a striking testament to its commitment to blending historical elegance with contemporary appeal. This seamless fusion of old-world charm and modern sophistication creates a harmonious setting for a variety of events.

  • Many couples use the outside of the church as a backdrop for their photographs to stand out from other traditional wedding venues.

When evening arrives, the Hall of Lights Carrollton takes on an ethereal quality, with lighting that mimics a celestial canopy for your event. The venue’s sophisticated lighting technology allows for a customizable experience, providing an enchanting atmosphere for any celebration. Whether the event calls for soft, romantic illumination or a vibrant, colorful display, the venue’s diverse lighting options can be tailored to create the perfect mood for every special moment..

Indoor and Outdoor Spaces

Reception Details a Hall of Lights

Hall of Lights Carrollton offers a variety of event spaces. Outdoors, the Plaza of Angels provides an artistic backdrop ideal for ceremonies, while the Magnolia Amphitheater can accommodate gatherings of up to 300 guests. These outdoor spaces provide features that are not just aesthetically pleasing, but also functional, providing the perfect venue for memorable events.

  • Indoors, the venue boasts a 5500 sq ft main reception space that can be arranged in various configurations to accommodate different events. The designated pre-function area is tailored for cocktail receptions, offering a warm welcome to guests. An exclusive feature is the outdoor covered patio with floor-to-ceiling glass walls, providing a picturesque view and an influx of natural light.

Blue Fire Catering – Exquisite Culinary Experience


An event at Hall of Lights Carrollton would not be complete without an exquisite culinary experience. The venue has partnered with Blue Fire Catering to ensure that every event is complemented with meticulously prepared dishes that tantalize the taste buds.

  • Blue Fire Catering offers customizable menus, allowing clients to tailor the dining experience to their event’s unique requirements. As a testament to their commitment to high-quality service, clients booking an event at Hall of Lights are invited to schedule a menu tasting.

Hors d’Oeuvres Selection

Guests at Hall of Lights events are treated to a selection of passed hors d’oeuvres, lovingly prepared by Blue Fire Catering. The selection includes options such as miniature beef Wellingtons, crab-stuffed mushrooms, and caprese skewers, presenting a delightful blend of flavors to suit every palate. With a focus on sustainability, locally grown ingredients are emphasized in the creation of the hors d’oeuvres. This approach not only supports regional agriculture but also contributes to reducing the carbon footprint, reflecting the venue’s commitment to environmental responsibility.

Customizable Menus

Blue Fire Catering’s commitment to meeting clients’ unique requirements is evident in their customizable menu options. Whether you desire traditional dishes or innovative creations, the culinary team works closely with clients to ensure each dish aligns with the event’s theme and the host’s personal taste. Whether you prefer an elegant plated dinner or an interactive chef station, Blue Fire Catering accommodates your preferences. Catering to diverse tastes and dietary preferences, the culinary team is skilled in preparing a range of cuisines, including:

  • Specialized South Asian menus
  • Vegetarian options
  • Vegan options
  • Gluten-free options

Amenities and Services at Hall of Lights

Versatile event spaces at Hall of Lights Carrollton

The Hall of Lights Carrollton offers a plethora of amenities and services to enhance your event experience. Its professionally-designed reception spaces are versatile, allowing for both ceremony and reception spaces in the same location without the need for travel between sites. The venue boasts a commercial kitchen for catered events and unique light fixtures that contribute to a distinctive atmosphere.

  • Guest experience is further enhanced by the inclusion of a convenient valet service at the Hall of Lights parking facilities, ensuring ease of access for attendees. Complementing these amenities is the venue’s ornate yet austere decor, making it an ideal venue for refined events.
  • The advanced technology, along with similar technologies and meta products, is designed to meet your needs, ensuring a seamless ad experience and effective information manage. These features not only provide features that contribute to the versatility of the venue, making it a perfect venue choice for any type of event, but are also conveniently located for easy access.

Testimonials and Reviews from Satisfied Clients The venue has facilitated numerous memorable events, earning a high level of satisfaction from its clients. Verified reviews reflect a 4.4-star rating, showcasing the venue’s commitment to providing exceptional service and a unique event experience.

Memorable Weddings Couples who have tied the knot at Hall of Lights Carrollton rave about their experience at luxurious new venue. The testimonials reflect the venue’s remarkable ability to create a dream wedding day. The stunning visual atmosphere and state-of-the-art amenities luxurious new venue frequently receive high praise, contributing to unforgettable wedding experiences. Many couples highlighted the venue’s flexibility and attention to detail. From customized lighting themes to personal touches, this dfw wedding venue is consistently able to accommodate unique wedding visions. The dedicated service from the venue’s staff was another aspect that received frequent acclaim, adding to the overall positive feedback.

Corporate Events Businesses too have benefitted from hosting their events at Hall of Lights Carrollton. The venue has received commendation for its corporate event facilities and services. One regional sales manager attributed a record-breaking sales quarter to their event held at the venue.

  • Similarly, a local tech startup had a successful product launch partly due to the professional atmosphere provided by Hall of Lights. The venue’s adaptability to various corporate event styles and requirements was appreciated by companies, who found the planning and execution of their events at Hall of Lights to be a seamless process.

Booking Your Event at Hall of Lights

If Hall of Lights Carrollton seems like the perfect venue for your event, it’s time to take the next step: booking. The venue offers a straightforward reservation process, and clients have the opportunity to schedule a complimentary site visit to explore the venue’s offerings and plan their event setup. Next, we will walk you through the reservation process and how to get hold of the venue’s contact information for booking inquiries and site visit requests.

Reservation Process

Securing an event date at Hall of Lights Carrollton is a simple process. Interested parties can initiate the process by requesting a quote through ‘Request Quote’ on the venue’s profile page on

Following the initial inquiry, the following steps will be taken:

  1. Schedule a complimentary site visit to explore the venue spaces and discuss specific event details in person.
  2. Take the opportunity to familiarize yourself with the venue’s offerings.
  3. Envision your event setup at Hall of Lights Carrollton.

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Contact Information

Located next to: St. Sarkis Armenian church

Address: 4421 Charles St, Carrollton, TX 75010 Phone: 214-699-5081

Website: Click here to learn more about The Hall of Lights

In conclusion, this is one of my favorite wedding locations in Dallas as it stands as a luxurious new venue that masterfully blends modern sophistication with historical elegance. Its grand architecture, versatile indoor and outdoor spaces, exquisite culinary experiences from Blue Fire Catering, and cutting-edge technology make it the perfect venue for unforgettable events. Whether you are planning a dream wedding or a corporate gathering, The Hall of Lights is ready to make your event a memorable one.

Frequently Asked Questions

Hall of Lights venue pricing?

Hall of lights wedding venue costs are not listed on their website, a contact form must be submitted to receive detailed pricing and availability. Please note that prices may be higher during peak Fall seasons and on Saturdays.

How large is the event space?

The Hall of Lights wedding venue in Carrollton is a spacious 5500 sq ft area that can be configured to accommodate various types of events.

What culinary experiences are available?

Hall of Lights Carrollton offers a variety of culinary experiences through its partnership with Blue Fire Catering, including passed hors d’oeuvres and customizable menus to meet specific event needs.

What specific amenities are offered?

The Hall of Lights Carrollton offers versatile spaces, a commercial kitchen, valet parking service, and cutting-edge technology, making it an ideal event location.

What’s the backstory of Hall of Lights?

Hall of Lights wedding is a relatively luxurious new venue that boasts incredibly modern design, architecture and a reception hall filled with dazzling hanging lights.  The venue opened in 2022.

What has been the feedback from past clients?

Past clients have given positive feedback to Hall of Lights Carrollton, with a 4.4-star rating. They have praised the venue’s visual atmosphere, flexibility, and dedicated service.

How do I book an event at Hall of Lights wedding venue?

To book an event at Hall of Lights Carrollton, you can request a quote on the venue’s profile page on and schedule a complimentary site visit to explore the venue and discuss event details.

How do I coordinate with a wedding photographer to ensure they capture the unique features of our venue and reflect our couples’ personal style?

Collaborating with a wedding photographer is crucial to showcase the unique charm and the couple’s individual style. Start by sharing any distinctive features of your venue that you’d like highlighted – whether it’s architectural details, scenic landscapes, or specific areas that hold sentimental value. Communicate the overall aesthetic you envision for the photos, and provide any guidelines or restrictions.


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